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Cida de Toronto


A Totem te ajuda a realizar o sonho de estudar no exterior. Descubra as melhores escolas de Inglês, Colleges e Universidades Canadenses, e o que você precisa para conseguir ser aceito no país que tem um dos melhores sistemas educacionais do mundo. ”

How to Study in Canada.

Quer ter uma experiência de trabalho internacional? Não se preocupe, a Totem ajuda você. Conheça quais as possibilidades de conseguir uma permissão de trabalho Canadense, e o que te espera no mercado Canadense. 

 Como Trabalhar no Canadá. 

Se a sua intenção é começar uma vida nova no país que tem a melhor qualidade de vida do Mundo, a Totem também pode te ajudar. Saiba passo-a-passo os tipos de processos de imigração, e qual se encaixa melhor no seu perfil. 

 Como Imigrar para o Canadá. 

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Marcus, Brasília - DF

Finally, my dream of studying in Canada is coming true. This is a process that involves a series of information, and the help of a good professional is truly essential. Through Totem Education, I was guided at every step in order to find the best options to achieve my goal. I would like to express my gratitude to the consultant, Diego, who provided me with great support.

Lorena, Belo Horizonte - MG

If it weren't for Totem's help, the dream of studying abroad would certainly be more dizzying and less light. Unlike other companies and people I contacted, they provide their time with attention, care, honesty and a lot of partnership. Your help and advice has made me more confident and at ease with my change process.

Paulo, São Paulo - SP

One of the hardest things about living abroad is taking the first step, especially when you don't know anyone on the other side. And even after that you still need specialized guidance, that's why I chose Totem, because they have respect for the customer, fast processes, they are truthful, and they are not just looking for your pocket, but for your experience. They helped me a lot with my documents. Even though it was a "difficult" case, they didn't give up and were with me until the end. So I just have to thank you for making this dream a reality.

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