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One of the biggest concerns for anyone arriving in a new country is finding accommodation that is safe and reliable. Therefore, Totem has partnered with Casa Toronto and Casa Vancouver, who are responsible for creating quality accommodation for international students who are visiting Toronto and Vancouver. We offer three accommodation choices, Family Homestay, Shared Accommodation and Individual Suites. To complete a perfect stay in Canada, we also have an excellent airport pick-up service, so you can arrive at your destination with ease.

Family Homestay is accommodation where the student stays in the home of a Canadian family or another country. This type of accommodation is ideal for students of all ages and provides students with a complete experience of Canadian culture. This is also a great option for those who want to practice English or French outside of schools. Another advantage is that you can choose between having two or three meals a day prepared by the family where you are staying, and you won't have to worry about eating out or preparing your own food.

A second option is Shared Accommodation, which consists of spacious, comfortable, well-located and fully furnished apartments that are shared by students from all over the world. This is a great choice for mature, responsible students who are looking for independence as they explore this new chapter in their lives.

Mas se você quer privacidade, também oferecemos suítes individuais. Esta opção consta com suítes completamente mobiliadas, confortáveis e com uma ótima localização, e é perfeita para famíias, casais e estudantes que buscam privacidade.

Below, you can check our prices for each type of accommodation for both Toronto and Vancouver.

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